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SenderMatic emailer 3

Version with simple installation, even a beginner can install it.
(Uses the Firebird SQL Server, which is part of the installation. No additional installation is required.)

No regular payments!



( 0 EUR )


93 USD
( 78 EUR )

license for 1 PC


189 USD
( 159 EUR )

license for 10 PC

Limited time offer

Free for non-profit NGO
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Database Firebird SQL
Firebird SQL
Firebird SQL server
(Firebird embedded)
Simple installation
(Instalation of the sql server is NOT required)
Yes Yes No
WYSIWYG HTML Editor Yes Yes Yes
Personalisation, own custom functions Yes Yes Yes
Sample templates of campaigns Yes Yes Yes
Cropping and Resizing of images Yes Yes Yes
SpamAssassin anti spam checking Yes Yes Yes
Exporting of Email content to HTML Yes Yes Yes
Import of email content from HTML or EML (email) files Yes Yes Yes
Import of email content from the campaign website Yes Yes Yes
Adding attachments to the email message No Yes Yes
Insertion of a link for unsubscription Yes Yes Yes
Social network scripts embedding Yes Yes Yes
Groups of campaigns No No Yes
Sending of testing campaigns Yes Yes Yes
Sending campaigns in batches Yes Yes Yes
Repeated sending without duplicity Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling mode after trial period No Yes Yes
Address filtering Yes Yes Yes
Block list of emails Yes Yes Yes
Block list of email domains No Yes Yes
Import of email addresses and updates from files Yes Yes Yes
Import of email addresses and updates from SQL databases No No Yes
Email designer Yes Yes Yes
Export of email addresses No Yes Yes
Analysis of incoming messages Yes Yes Yes
Support for Google Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Generator of registration and of unsubscription web pages Yes Yes Yes
Automatic backup of data Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited address lists Yes Yes Yes
Settings of user access rights No No Yes
Connecting to data from multiple workstations No No Yes
Remote server connection No No Yes
Multiple SMTP connection settings No No Yes
Limit of 250 messages sent per day Yes No No
Promotional text added into the email message. Yes No No
Technical support after trial period No Yes Yes
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Upgrade from older versions 2.4.x or 1.3.x Buy upgrade Buy upgrade

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It is possible to try professional edition?

Yes, download the Free edition. Free Edition is for 30 days after installation in trial mode and includes all the features of Professional Edition. You can always switch later from the Free edition to the Professional, or Enterprise edition. You simply need to enter a valid activation key, which will be sent to you after purchase.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our seller Digital River GmbH (Share-it) accept fifteen different currencies via any of the following payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. )
  • Bank/Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

Warning: Payment by credit card or PayPal will be allowed and accepted on your request and on our confirmation only. Thank you for your understanding.