Functions of bulk email sending software SenderMatic


Email marketing software SenderMatic is the email sender which allows you to sending of bulk emails. Managing of your address lists. Unsubscription (or subscription) of the email recipients by using of incoming email messages or web pages.

Email campaign

Email designer

Email designer allows you to select color palette and basic design of email by using of few click. You can save it as an email template for future use then.

Email templates

Along with the program you receive a free sample of the email templates that you can customize according to your needs. Their appearance has been thoroughly tested in many e-mail client and web services such as: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, ...


Personalization is one of the ways that helps to increase readership of email campaigns. Email messages can contain all the data stored in your address book. It allows you to incorporate a customer name or perhaps embed a unique code for a discount/offer.


Basic visual HTML editor with direct editing of the source code is used for the creation of email messages. The text of the message is stored in Unicode code page which allows you to write your messages in one or more languages at the same time, and will be compatible with any operating system.

Using of multiple address lists

If you have addresses grouped in address lists (for example by sex, region of interest etc), you can select which lists to include in the email campaign. In the event that one address is included in multiple lists only a single message will be sent to the customer.

Image cropping and resizing

SenderMatic allows you to crop and resize of inserted images without of using external tools.

Antispam analyser

The antispam analyser function monitors your outgoing campaign using an Apache SpamAssassin antispam filter. The results will highlight any inappropriate content that will cause your email message to be moved to the spam folder of your customers.

Insert a link to unsubscribe

The beneficiary of the information leaflet must have a clear means of removing their name from the list of email recipients. The easiest way to do this is to insert a link for customers to click on, canceling their subscription. This can be easily achieved with this function.

Programmable scripts

Scripting allows you to change content or the attachments of email message dynamically during of the sending process. It also allows you to run an external applications during of the sending process, what can be used for preparing of the content of sending emails for getting of the external codes for example or for similar use. (Changing the text of email, assigning of coupons, do calculations with using the numeric fields, attaching of the documents dynamically, etc.)

Embedding of social network scripts

This function is used to simplify the writing of the same or similar parts of an HTML information leaflet. Immediately after instalation of the program you can use multiple scripts for inserting the icons of Facebook and Twitter. You can also create new script in the program settings to add additional social network icons.

Export content of email messages to an HTML file

One of the potential uses of this function is to create an online version of the email campaign. After saving the campaign to an HTML file it can be transferred using FTP to your web server. It will be used to display content of the campain in a web browser. You can check the proposed content of your email campaign will be displayed correctly by mail clients.

Import of campaign content from HTML or EML (email) files.

Import the content of an email message that was designed in another editor, for example by the designer of your web pages.

Import of email content from a website

SenderMatic allows you to import email content from online web pages, either partially or as a whole depending on the structure of the web page.

Filtering of e-mail addresses

E-mail addresses can be selected by use of the single or advanced filtering setting.

Supporting of embedded images

Images sent by email can be stored either on the Internet or directly inserted into an email message. Directly embedded images do not require, for some e-mail clients, confirmation for display of remote content.

Adding attachments to email messages

Part of a message may be attachments in various file formats such as PDF, DOC, XLS, ...

Groups of campaigns

Individual campaigns can be placed into groups, and then moved between groups. This feature may be beneficial, for example, in an advertising agency where campaigns are grouped by individual clients.

Sending of email campaign

Sending of testing campaign

You can send a small test batch of newsletters to one specified email address, to verify the format customers will receive your message, how personalized data will be displayed and the sending speed.

Sending campaigns in batches

Sending messages can be done in batches with an optional number of email messages.

Repeated sending

With repeated sending of campaigns their is no duplication of messaging to individual e-mail addresses. You can safely resume sending a campaign after a break, repeated sending of a smaller amount, or if you want, send a flyer to welcome a newly subscribed user. In the campaign you find a list of addresses to which the message has been sent already and those still waiting to be sent.

Scheduling mode

Scheduling mode is used to automatically start a sending campaign at a specified date and time.

Remote start of sending

In the Enterprise edition you have possibility to set one or more clients to the scheduling mode. If you in this case will set scheduling time of email campaign from another workstation, then workstations in scheduling mode will start of sending in the scheduled time fully automatically. It allows you to sending email campaign from another workstations as the email campaign was prepared.

Address lists

Unlimited address lists

SenderMatic software contains an unlimited number of address lists and an unlimited number of e-mail addresses, along with other data such as name, address, .... each email addresses may appear in multiple lists.

Blocking of addresses and domains

The software allows you to block individual email addresses or entire domains, for example, your competing companies. By blocking addresses and domains you ensure that no messages will be sent to them, even if they are included in an address list.

Import / export of data

Import and update of e-mail addresses

You can import or update any email addresses along with other data from the following file types: txt, csv, xml, xls, db, dbf, or from an SQL database server. When connecting to the database server, you can also create your own SQL commands and retrieve data directly from your corporate accounting or CRM systems.

Import of email addresses from web pages

This function allows you to import email addresses from an intranet or internet web site.

Exporting of data

It is possible to export complete or filtered mailing lists, lists of blocked addresses or domains and address lists which have already been or will be sent.

Analysis of incoming emails

Auto detection of subscribed and unsubscribed user addresses from subjects of incoming emails.

If you set incomming email accounts to track incoming messages (POP3, IMAP) and if you define your own keywords, the software will read incoming messages and based on the keywords in the subject field of the emails will be able to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe customers from your list of recipients.

Analysis of undelivered messages

Analysis of undelivered email messages is applied to defined incoming email accounts. Repeatedly undelivered email addresses can be deleted from the list of addresses.

Campaigns statistics

Support for the Google Analytics

A double click can automatically extend all of the URLs that point to your website by the special parameters utm_. Within these parameters are distinguished individual campaigns in Google Analytics so you can examine the customers activity, and gain an even better idea of what really works in terms of online marketing for each campaign.

More properties

Generator of websites for subscription and unsubscription of users

In three easy steps this tool creates a web page customers can use to subscribe or unsubscribe from your newsletter. The form can contain your logo, colours, texts and you can set the content of the confirmation messages and destination e-mail address where the content should be delivered.

Automatic backup of data

If you choose this option in the settings, before the program closes your data will be automatically backedup. After reaching the maximum number of backups, the oldest backups will be deleted

Setting access rights for users

In the Enterprise edition you can define an unlimited number of users and assign them access rights to individual program features.

Connection to remote database

The Enterprise edition of SenderMatic can be installed on multiple computers to meet the needs of your business. Employees in offices can create individual campaigns via their workstations. The SenderMatic software in scheduling mode can then take care of dispatching the campaigns.

Choice of location of server in the computer network

In the Enterprise edition the SQL Server can be together with data located anywhere in the network, and does not need to be located on a single PC with the SenderMatic software.

Professional database

The SenderMatic software safely stores your data via a reliable and powerful SQL Server. (Free Express edition). The SQL Server works effectively on both individual or networked computers. If your company is already using a higher edition of SQL Server it can be used for saving the data from the SenderMatic software.

Compatibility with Microsoft Windows® operating systems

The SenderMatic software has been tested and meets all technical requirements for compatibility with Windows ® 8.1. It is also fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (SP3).