SenderMatic emailer in the computer network

How to install the SenderMatic emailer - Enterprise
with using of the Firebird SQL server in computer network

(This functionality is available in the SenderMatic emailer - Enterprise version only.)

SenderMatic emailer with using Firebird SQL server

1. Download and Install of the Firebird SQL server version 4 on your data server.

2. Download and Install of the SenderMatic emailer on your client PC.

3. Activate the Enterprise license for the SenderMatic emailer.

SenderMatic emailer license activation

4. Run the SenderMatic emailer application and click on "Connection settings" button in the login dialog.

SenderMatic emailer - Firebird login dialog

5. Set the connection to your Firebird server installed.

SenderMatic emailer - Firebird connection settings

If you connecting to the remote Firebird database, please use the type of server Default. The SenderMatic software communicate with the Firebird SQL server on port 3050 by default. Please check settings of your firewall, if you have this port enabled.