How to start sending bulk emails?

Step by step tutorial to how to start sending bulk e-mails

1. Import addresses to the address list

(Recommended, but you can skip this step.)
Import your addresses to the address lists.
(See video for details.)

[Address lists/Import] button

2. Define the special words

(Recommended, but you can skip this step.)
Special words are words which will be the SenderMatic detect in the Subject (or in the body - if you use the special character sequence [#] in the Subject) of incoming e-mails for unsubscription (subscription) of recipients from (to) your address lists. For example if the subject of the incoming e-mail will contains the sequence "unsubscribe me", the sender of email will be unsubscribed from your address list.

[Settings & Tools/Words for subscription and Unsubscription] button

3. Create the email campaign

Create the email content and attach the address list to the campaign. (See video How to start sending emails.) Place the link for unsubscription to the body of email with using of the special word defined in the previous step. (For more details see how the SenderMatic works.)

[Email campaigns/New] button

4. Set the outgoing email account (SMTP server)

Set the email account for the outgoing email messages. (Connection to the SMTP server which you will use for sending bulk e-mails.)

[Settings & Tools/Outgoing Emails settings] button

5. Set the incoming email accounts (IMAP or POP3 server)

(Recommended, but you can skip this step.)
Connection to the PO3 or IMAP server which you will use for reading of the incoming e-mails. (For more details see how the SenderMatic works.)

[Settings & Tools/Incoming Emails settings] button

6. Check the email content and the domain DNS records of your outgoing email account.

(Recommended, but you can skip this step.)
For more details see: How to avoid to be email being marked as spam?

7. Send the email campaign to the recipients stored in your address lists

If you are ready, you can to start sending your campaign to the recipients. Please enter the unlock code and click on the button for start sending of your email campaign.

[Email campaigns/Start] button