How to set up the email account (SMTP)?

Connection does not work

SMTP server does not authorize you.

Some servers requires the user name as a login name to connect, others use the e-mail address as login name. Make sure you have entered the login name and password in the correct form.

Connection to your SMTP server requires SSL

For SSL connections are standardized two standards Implicit and Explicit connection. Software SenderMatic uses The explicit SSL connection (also called STARTTLS). One of the reasons, why you can not send e-mails, may be that your SMTP server requires Implicit SSL connection (also called as SSL / TLS). In this case, try to contact the administrator of the SMTP server and ask him if your SMTP server allow explicit SSL connection, and if so, what is the correct settings for Explicit SSL. Many servers use both standards but on different ports. Normally used port 587 for Explicit SSL connection and port 437 for Implicit SSL connection. (For example, Gmail from Google and Yahoo). Another possible solution is to use a port that does not require SSL connection. (Default port 25) If you do not know exactly what settings you must use to connect to your mail (SMTP) server, please contact the administrator of your mail server.

Connection to some mail servers (eg. Gmail), require authorization.

Some SMTP servers require authorization prior of sending first email: