SMTP server description and recommendations

What is SMTP server?

First of all, an SMTP server is the machine that delivers the emails you send with a SenderMatic or any other email client.

What SMTP server I can use for sending emails from SenderMatic?

You have few basic possibilities:

Your own SMTP server

Own SMTP server is your own computer which you use for sending emails and where is SMTP server installed.

SMTP server of your internet provider

Many companies or users uses services of their Internet service provider, which often supply SMTP servers (outgoing email servers) as a service for you. Be careful with use of this services for your email marketing. Many from internet service providers uses limitations for SMTP services. (For example 100 emails per day.) Your emails can be undelivered without warning. Please contact your ISP for assurance what are the limitations for your outgoing emails.

Specialized SMTP server for email marketing

Are the specialized paid or free services which supplies SMTP server for bulk email sending campaigns. It is a recommended solution for you, because of there are no limitations for your email campaigns and many from this services uses anti spam filters which improve of your email delivery. You may use any from the worldwide SMTP services with the SenderMatic software. We suggest you the turboSMTP service, which is supplied as the paid or free version of SMTP service for you. Read more about a free SMTP server from turboSMTP and about its limitations.

Free SMTP services

It allows you to send testing emails or the small email campaigns. Free SMTP services have obviously limitations, but it can be a good solution for testing. Please see limitations of free services, before you uses them for your email marketing. Here you find settings for the most used free SMTP services and its limitations.

What to do if the connection to the SMTP server does not work?

How to set up e-mail account (SMTP)?